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Configuring the connection of Administration Console to Administration Server

July 8, 2024

ID 123332

Administration Console is connected to Administration Server through SSL port TCP 13291. The same port can be used by klakaut automation objects.

Port TCP 14000 can be used for connecting Administration Console, distribution points, secondary Administration Servers, and klakaut automation objects, as well as for receiving data from client devices.

Normally, SSL port TCP 13000 can only be used by Network Agent, a secondary Administration Server, and the primary Administration Server in DMZ. In some cases, Administration Console may have to be connected through SSL port 13000:

  • If a single SSL port is likely to be used both for Administration Console and for other activities (receiving data from client devices, connecting distribution points, connecting secondary Administration Servers).
  • If a klakaut automation object is not connected to Administration Server directly but through a distribution point in the DMZ.

To allow the connection of Administration Console over port 13000:

  1. Open the system registry of the device on which Administration Server is installed (for example, locally, using the regedit command in the StartRun menu).
  2. Go to the following hive:
    • For 32-bit systems:


    • For 64-bit systems:


  3. For the LP_ConsoleMustUsePort13291 (DWORD) key, set 00000000 as the value.

    The default value specified for this key is 1.

  4. Restart the Administration Server service.

You will now be able to connect Administration Console to Administration Server over port 13000.

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