Kaspersky Security Center

Remote diagnostics of client devices. Kaspersky Security Center remote diagnostics utility

July 15, 2024

ID 13052

The utility for remote diagnostics of Kaspersky Security Center (hereinafter referred to as the remote diagnostics utility) is designed for remote execution of the following operations on client devices:

  • Enabling and disabling tracing, changing the tracing level, downloading the trace file.
  • Downloading system information and application settings.
  • Downloading event logs.
  • Generating a dump file for an application.
  • Starting diagnostics and downloading diagnostics reports.
  • Starting and stopping applications.

You can use event logs and diagnostics reports downloaded from a client device to troubleshoot problems on your own. Also, a Kaspersky Technical Support specialist might ask you to download trace files, dump files, event logs, and diagnostics reports from a client device for further analysis at Kaspersky.

The remote diagnostics utility is automatically installed on the device together with Administration Console.

In this section

Connecting the remote diagnostics utility to a client device

Enabling and disabling tracing, downloading the trace file

Downloading application settings

Downloading event logs

Downloading multiple diagnostic information items

Starting diagnostics and downloading the results

Starting, stopping, and restarting applications

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