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Step 9. Selecting the account to start Administration Server

July 15, 2024

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Select the account that will be used to start Administration Server as a service.

  • Generate the account automatically. The application creates an account named KL-AK-*, under which the kladminserver service will run.

    You can select this option if you plan to locate the shared folder and the DBMS on the same device as Administration Server.

  • Select an account. The Administration Server service (kladminserver) will run under the account that you selected.

    You will have to select a domain account if, for example, you plan to use as the DBMS a SQL Server instance of any version, including SQL Express, that is located on another device, and/or you plan to locate the shared folder on another device.

    Kaspersky Security Center supports managed service accounts (MSA) and group managed service accounts (gMSA). If these types of accounts are used in your domain, you can select one of them as the account for the Administration Server service.

    Before specifying MSA or gMSA, you must install the account on the same device on which you want to install Administration Server. If the account is not installed yet, then cancel the Administration Server installation, install the account, and then restart the Administration Server installation. For details about installation of managed service accounts on a local device, refer to the official Microsoft documentation.

    To specify MSA or gMSA:

    1. Click the Browse button.
    2. In the window that opens, click the Object type button.
    3. Select the Account for services type and click OK.
    4. Select the relevant account and click OK.

The account that you selected must have different permissions, depending on the DBMS that you plan for use.

For security reasons, please do not assign the privileged status to the account under which you run Administration Server.

If later you decide to change the Administration Server account, you can use the utility for Administration Server account switching (klsrvswch). Note that you must launch the klsrvswch utility on the Administration Server device under the account with administrator rights that was used to install Administration Server.

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