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Patch installation for a Kaspersky application in cluster mode

July 8, 2024

ID 138256

Kaspersky Security Center only supports manual installation of patches for Kaspersky applications in cluster mode.

To install a patch for a Kaspersky application:

  1. Download the patch to each node of the cluster.
  2. Run patch installation on the active node.
  3. Wait for the patch to be successfully installed.
  4. Run the patch on all subnodes of the cluster consecutively.

    If you are running the patch from the command line, use the -CLUSTER_SECONDARY_NODE key.

    The patch is now installed on all nodes of the cluster.

  5. Run the Kaspersky cluster services manually.

Every node of the cluster is displayed in Administration Console as a device with Network Agent installed.

For information about installed patches, see the Software updates folder or the report on the versions of updates for software modules of Kaspersky applications.

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