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Comparing object revisions

July 15, 2024

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You can compare past revisions of an object to the current revision, compare different revisions selected in the list, or compare a revision of an object to a revision of another object of the same type.

To compare revisions of an object:

  1. Select an object and proceed to the properties window of the object.
  2. In the properties window, proceed to the Revision history section.
  3. In the workspace, in the list of object revisions select the revision for comparison.

    To select more than one revision of the object, use the Shift and Ctrl keys.

  4. Do one of the following:
    • Click the Compare split button and select one of the values in the drop-down list:
      • Compare to current revision
      • Compare selected revisions
      • Compare to another task
    • Double-click the name of a revision, and in the revision properties window that opens click one of the following buttons:

A report in HTML format about comparison of the revisions is displayed in your default browser.

In this report, you can minimize some of the sections containing revision settings. To minimize a section with object revision settings, click the arrow icon () next to the section name.

Administration Server revisions include all details of changes made, except for details from the following areas:

  • Traffic section
  • Tagging rules section
  • Notification section
  • Distribution points section
  • Virus outbreak section

    No information is recorded, from the Virus outbreak section, about the configuration of policy activation that occurs when a Virus outbreak event is triggered.

You can compare revisions of a deleted object to a revision of an existing object, but not the reverse: you cannot compare revisions of an existing object to a revision of a deleted object.

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