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Step 5. Selecting a database

July 8, 2024

ID 154920

At this step of the wizard, select one of the following database management systems (DBMS) that will be used to store the Administration Server database:

  • Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Server Express
  • MySQL or MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL or Postgres Pro

It is recommended to install the Administration Server on a dedicated server instead of a domain controller. However, if you install Kaspersky Security Center on a server that acts as a read-only domain controller (RODC), Microsoft SQL Server (SQL Express) must not be installed locally (on the same device). In this case, we recommend that you install Microsoft SQL Server (SQL Express) remotely (on a different device), or that you use MySQL, MariaDB, or PostgreSQL if you need to install the DBMS locally.

The Administration Server database structure is provided in the klakdb.chm file, which is located in the Kaspersky Security Center installation folder. This file is also available in an archive on the Kaspersky portal: klakdb.zip.

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