Kaspersky Security Center

Deployment and initial setup

July 22, 2024

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Kaspersky Security Center is a distributed application. Kaspersky Security Center includes the following applications:

  • Administration Server—The core component, designed for managing devices of an organization and storing data in a DBMS.
  • Administration Console—The basic tool for the administrator. Administration Console is shipped together with Administration Server, but it can also be installed individually on one or several devices run by the administrator.
  • Kaspersky Security Center Web Console—A web interface for Administration Server designed for basic operations. You can install this component on any device that meets the hardware and software requirements.
  • Network Agent—Designed for managing the security application installed on a device, as well as getting information about that device. Network Agents are installed on devices of an organization.

Deployment of Kaspersky Security Center on an organization's network is performed as follows:

  • Installation of Administration Server
  • Installation of Kaspersky Security Center Web Console
  • Installation of Administration Console on the administrator's device
  • Installation of Network Agent and the security application on devices of the enterprise

In this section

Recommendations on Administration Server installation

Configuring protection on a client organization's network

Backup and restoration of Administration Server settings

Deploying Network Agent and the security application

About connection profiles for out-of-office users

Deploying the Mobile Device Management feature

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