Kaspersky Security Center

General information about the remote installation tasks in Kaspersky Security Center

July 15, 2024

ID 155189

Kaspersky Security Center provides a broad range of methods for remote installation of applications, which are implemented as remote installation tasks. You can create a remote installation task both for a specified administration group and for specific devices or a selection of devices (such tasks are displayed in Administration Console, in the Tasks folder). When creating a task, you can select installation packages (those of Network Agent and / or another application) to be installed within this task, as well as specify certain settings that define the method of remote installation.

Tasks for administration groups affect both devices included in a specified group and all devices in all subgroups within that administration group. A task covers devices of secondary Administration Servers included in a group or any of its subgroups if the corresponding setting is enabled in the task.

Tasks for specific devices refresh the list of client devices at each run in accordance with the selection contents at the moment the task starts. If a selection includes devices that have been connected to secondary Administration Servers, the task will run on those devices, too.

To ensure a successful operation of a remote installation task on devices connected to secondary Administration Servers, you must use the distribution task to distribute installation packages used by your task to corresponding secondary Administration Servers in advance.

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