Kaspersky Security Center

Using the dashboard

July 8, 2024

ID 166064

The dashboard allows you to monitor security trends on your organization's network by providing you with a graphical display of information.

The dashboard is available in the Kaspersky Security Center Web Console, in the Monitoring & reporting section, by clicking Dashboard.

The dashboard provides widgets that can be customized. You can choose a large number of different widgets, presented as pie charts or donut charts, tables, graphs, bar charts, and lists. The information displayed in widgets is automatically updated, the update period is one to two minutes. The interval between updates varies for different widgets. You can refresh data on a widget manually at any time by means of the settings menu.

By default, widgets include information about all events stored in the database of Administration Server.

Kaspersky Security Center Web Console has a default set of widgets for the following categories:

  • Protection status
  • Deployment
  • Updating
  • Threat statistics
  • Other

Some widgets have text information with links. You can view detailed information by clicking a link.

When configuring the dashboard, you can add widgets that you need, hide widgets that you do not need, change the size or appearance of widgets, move widgets, and change their settings.

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