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Database options for work in a cloud environment

July 15, 2024

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You must have a database to work with Kaspersky Security Center. When deploying Kaspersky Security Center in AWS, in Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud, you have three options:

  • Create a local database on the same device with the Administration Server. Kaspersky Security Center comes with a SQL Server Express database that can support up to 5000 managed devices. Choose this option if SQL Server Express Edition is enough for your needs.
  • Create a database with the Relational Database Service (RDS) in the AWS cloud environment, or with the Azure Database service in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment. Choose this option if you want a DBMS other than SQL Express. Your data will be transferred inside the cloud environment, where it will remain, and you will not have any extra expenses. If you already work with Kaspersky Security Center on premises and have some data in your database, you can transfer your data to the new database.

    For work on Google Cloud Platform, you can only use Cloud SQL for MySQL.

  • Use an existing database server. Choose this option if you already have a database server and want to use it for Kaspersky Security Center. If this server is outside the cloud environment, your data will be transferred over the internet, which might result in extra expenses.

The procedure of Kaspersky Security Center deployment in the cloud environment has a special step for creating (choosing) a database.

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