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Removing applications or software updates remotely

July 22, 2024

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To remove applications or software updates remotely from selected devices:

  1. In the main menu, go to DevicesTasks.
  2. Click Add.

    The New task wizard starts. Proceed through the wizard by using the Next button.

  3. For the Kaspersky Security Center application, select the Uninstall application remotely task type.
  4. Specify the name for the task that you are creating.

    A task name cannot be more than 100 characters long and cannot include any special characters ("*<>?\:|).

  5. Select devices to which the task will be assigned.
  6. Select what kind of software you want to remove, and then select specific applications, updates, or patches that you want to remove:
    • Uninstall managed application
    • Uninstall incompatible application
    • Uninstall application from applications registry
    • Uninstall the specified application update, patch, or third-party application
  7. Specify how client devices will download the Uninstallation utility:
    • Using Network Agent
    • Using operating system resources through Administration Server
    • Using operating system resources through distribution points
    • Maximum number of concurrent downloads
    • Maximum number of uninstallation attempts
    • Verify operating system type before downloading
    • Use uninstallation password
  8. Specify the operating system restart settings:
    • Do not restart the device
    • Restart the device
    • Prompt user for action
    • Repeat prompt every (min)
    • Restart after (min)
    • Force closure of applications in blocked sessions
  9. If necessary, add the accounts that will be used to start the remote uninstallation task:
    • No account required (Network Agent installed)
    • Account required (Network Agent is not used)
  10. If you want to modify the default task settings, enable the Open task details when creation is complete option on the Finish task creation page. If you do not enable this option, the task is created with the default settings. You can modify the default settings later, at any time.
  11. Click the Finish button.

    The task is created and displayed in the list of tasks.

  12. Click the name of the created task to open the task properties window.
  13. In the task properties window, specify the general task settings.
  14. Click the Save button.
  15. Run the task manually or wait for it to launch according to the schedule you specified in the task settings.

Upon completion of the remote uninstallation task, the selected application will be removed from the selected devices.

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