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Connecting Network Agents to Administration Server by using the klmover utility

July 8, 2024

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After you replace the Administration Server certificate by using the command-line klsetsrvcert utility, you need to establish the SSL connection between Network Agents and Administration Server because the connection is broken.

To specify the new Administration Server certificate and restore the connection:

From the command line, run the following utility:

klmover [-address <server address>] [-pn <port number>] [-ps <SSL port number>] [-nossl] [-cert <path to certificate file>]

The administrator rights are required to run the utility.

This utility is automatically copied to the Network Agent installation folder, when Network Agent is installed on a client device.

If the Use uninstallation password option is enabled in the Network Agent policy settings and the Network Agent version 15 is used, the klmover utility requires the corresponding password. You can use the klcsngtgui utility located in the Network Agent installation folder to check the Network Agent version.

The description of the klmover utility parameters is presented in the table below.

Values of the klmover utility parameters



-address <server address>

Address of the Administration Server for connection.

You can specify an IP address, the NetBIOS name, or the DNS name.

-pn <port number>

Number of the port through which non-encrypted connection to the Administration Server is established.

The default port number is 14000.

-ps <SSL port number>

Number of the SSL port through which encrypted connection to the Administration Server is established by using SSL.

The default port number is 13000.


Use non-encrypted connection to the Administration Server.

If the key is not in use, Network Agent is connected to the Administration Server by using encrypted SSL protocol.

-cert <path to certificate file>

Use the specified certificate file for authentication of access to Administration Server.


Name of the virtual Administration Server.


Network Agent disk cloning mode.

Use one of the following parameters to configure the disk cloning mode:

  • -cloningmode—Request the status of the disk cloning mode.
  • -cloningmode 1—Enable the disk cloning mode.
  • -cloningmode 0—Disable the disk cloning mode.

For example, to connect Network Agent to Administration Server, run the following command:

klmover -address kscserver.mycompany.com -logfile klmover.log

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