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Administration Server maintenance

July 22, 2024

ID 245777

Backup copying of Administration Server data

Data backup allows you to restore Administration Server data without data loss.

By default, a data backup task is created automatically after the installation of Administration Server and is executed periodically, saving backups in the appropriate directory.

Settings of the data backup task can be changed as follows:

  • The backup frequency increases
  • A special directory for saving copies is specified
  • Passwords for backup copies is changed

If you store backup copies in a special directory, that is different from the default directory, we recommend limiting the access control list (ACL) for this directory. The Administration Server accounts and accounts of the Administration Server database must have the write access for this directory.

Administration Server maintenance

The Administration Server maintenance allows you to reduce the database volume, and improve the performance and operation reliability of the application. We recommend that you maintain Administration Server at least every week.

The Administration Server maintenance is performed using the dedicated task. The application performs the following actions when maintaining the Administration Server:

  • Checks the database for errors
  • Re-organizes database indexes
  • Updates the database statistics
  • Shrinks the database (if necessary)

Installing operating system updates and third-party software updates

We strongly recommend that you regularly install software updates for the operating system and third-party software on the Administration Server device.

Client devices do not require a continuous connection to Administration Server, so it is safe to reboot the Administration Server device after installing updates. All events registered on client devices during Administration Server downtime are sent to it after the connection is restored.

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