Kaspersky Security Center

Event selections

July 8, 2024

ID 3628

Information about events in the operation of Kaspersky Security Center and managed applications is saved both in the Administration Server database and in the Microsoft Windows system log. You can view information from the Administration Server database in the workspace of the Administration Server node, on the Events tab.

Information on the Events tab is represented as a list of event selections. Each selection includes events of a specific type only. For example, the "Device status is Critical" selection contains only records about changes of device statuses to "Critical". After application installation, the Events tab contains some standard event selections. You can create additional (custom) event selections or export event information to a file.

In this section

Viewing an event selection

Customizing an event selection

Creating an event selection

Exporting an event selection to a text file

Deleting events from a selection

Adding applications to exclusions by user requests

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