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Data backup and recovery in silent mode

July 15, 2024

ID 3674

To create a backup copy or recover Administration Server data in silent mode,

Run klbackup with the required set of keys from the command line of the device that has Administration Server installed.

Utility command line syntax:

klbackup -path BACKUP_PATH [-linux_path LINUX_PATH][-node_cert CERT_PATH] [-logfile LOGFILE] [-use_ts]|[-restore] [-password PASSWORD] [-online]

If no password is specified in the command line of the klbackup utility, the utility prompts you to enter the password interactively.

Descriptions of the keys:

  • -path BACKUP_PATH—Save information in the BACKUP_PATH folder, or use data from the BACKUP_PATH folder for recovery (mandatory parameter).

    The database server account and the klbackup utility should be granted permissions for changing data in the folder BACKUP_PATH.

  • -linux_path LINUX_PATH—Local path to folder with backup data for SQL Server on Linux.

    The database server account and the klbackup utility should be granted permissions for changing data in the folder LINUX_PATH.

  • -node_cert CERT_PATH—Server certificate file to configure inactive failover cluster node after recovery. If not set, it will be automatically retrieved from the Server.

    When you run the klbackup utility on the inaсtive failover cluster node, use this key to specify the path to the server certificate.

  • -logfile LOGFILE—Save a report about Administration Server data backup and recovery.
  • -use_ts—When saving data, copy information to the BACKUP_PATH folder, to the subfolder with a name containing the current system date and operation time in klbackup YYYY-MM-DD # HH-MM-SS format. If no key is specified, information is saved in the root of the folder BACKUP_PATH.

    During attempts to save information in a folder that already stores a backup copy, an error message appears. No information will be updated.

    Availability of the -use_ts key allows an Administration Server data archive to be maintained. For example, if the -path key indicates the folder C:\KLBackups, the folder klbackup 2022/6/19 # 11-30-18 then stores information about the status of the Administration Server as of June 19, 2022, at 11:30:18 AM.

  • -restore—Recover Administration Server data. Data recovery is performed based on information contained in the BACKUP_PATH folder. If no key is available, data is backed up in the BACKUP_PATH folder.
  • -password PASSWORD—Password to protect the sensitive data.

    A forgotten password cannot be recovered. There are no password requirements. The password length is unlimited and zero length (no password) is also possible.

    When restoring data, you must specify the same password that was entered during backup. If the path to a shared folder changed after backup, check the operation of tasks that use restored data (restore tasks and remote installation tasks). If necessary, edit the settings of these tasks. While data is being restored from a backup file, no one must access the shared folder of Administration Server. The account under which the klbackup utility is started must have full access to the shared folder. We recommend that you run the utility on a newly installed Administration Server.

  • -online—Back up Administration Server data by creating a volume snapshot to minimize the offline time of the Administration Server. When you use the utility to recover data, this option is ignored.

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