Kaspersky Security Center

Viewing and editing local application settings

July 15, 2024

ID 3764

The Kaspersky Security Center administration system allows you to remotely manage local application settings on devices through Administration Console.

Local application settings are the settings of an application that are specific for a device. You can use Kaspersky Security Center to set local application settings for devices included in administration groups.

Detailed descriptions of settings of Kaspersky applications are provided in respective Guides.

To view or change the local settings of an application:

  1. In the workspace of the group to which the relevant device belongs, select the Devices tab.
  2. In the device properties window, in the Applications section, select the relevant application.
  3. Open the application properties window by double-clicking the application name or by clicking the Properties button.

The local settings window of the selected application opens so that you can view and edit those settings.

You can change the values of settings that have not been barred from modification by a group policy (that is, those not marked with the lock icon () in a policy).

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