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Typical schemes of protection system deployment

July 8, 2024

ID 54318

This section describes the standard deployment schemes of a protection system in an enterprise network using Kaspersky Security Center.

The system must be protected against any type of unauthorized access. We recommend that you install all available security updates for your operating system before installing the application on your device and physically protect Administration Server(s) and distribution point(s).

You can use Kaspersky Security Center to deploy a protection system on a corporate network by means of the following deployment schemes:

  • Deploying a protection system through Kaspersky Security Center, in one of the following ways:
    • Through Administration Console
    • Through Kaspersky Security Center Web Console

    Kaspersky applications are automatically installed on client devices, which in turn are automatically connected to the Administration Server by using Kaspersky Security Center.

    The basic deployment scheme is protection system deployment through Administration Console. Using Kaspersky Security Center Web Console allows you to launch installation of Kaspersky applications from a browser.

  • Deploying a protection system manually using stand-alone installation packages generated by Kaspersky Security Center.

    Installation of Kaspersky applications on client devices and the administrator's workstation is performed manually; the settings for connecting client devices to the Administration Server are specified when Network Agent is installed.

    This deployment method is recommended in cases when remote installation is not possible.

Kaspersky Security Center also allows you to deploy your protection system using Microsoft Active Directory® group policies.

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