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Web Server

July 15, 2024

ID 74647

Kaspersky Security Center Web Server (hereinafter also referred to as Web Server) is a component of Kaspersky Security Center that is installed together with Administration Server. Web Server is designed for transmission, over a network, of stand-alone installation packages, iOS MDM profiles, and files from a shared folder.

When you create a stand-alone installation package, it is automatically published on Web Server. The link for downloading the stand-alone package is displayed in the list of created stand-alone installation packages. If necessary, you can cancel publication of the stand-alone package or you can publish it on Web Server again.

When you create an iOS MDM profile for a user's mobile device, it is also automatically published on Web Server. The published profile is automatically deleted from Web Server as soon as it is successfully installed on the user's mobile device.

The shared folder is used for storage of information that is available to all users whose devices are managed through the Administration Server. If a user has no direct access to the shared folder, he or she can be given information from that folder by means of Web Server.

To provide users with information from a shared folder by means of Web Server, the administrator must create a subfolder named "public" in the shared folder and paste the relevant information into it.

The syntax of the information transfer link is as follows:

https://<Web Server name>:<HTTPS port>/public/<object>


  • <Web Server name> is the name of Kaspersky Security Center Web Server.
  • <HTTPS port> is an HTTPS port of Web Server that has been defined by the Administrator. The HTTPS port can be set in the Web Server section of the properties window of Administration Server. The default port number is 8061.
  • <object> is the subfolder or file to which the user has access.

The administrator can send the new link to the user in any convenient way, such as by email.

By using this link, the user can download the required information to a local device.

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