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Modifying a policy profile

July 15, 2024

ID 89260

Editing the settings of a policy profile

The capability to edit a policy profile is only available for policies of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows.

To modify a policy profile:

  1. In the console tree, select the administration group for which the policy profile has to be modified.
  2. In the workspace of the group, select the Policies tab.
  3. Select a policy and switch to the policy properties window using the context menu.
  4. Open the Policy profiles section in the policy properties.

    This section contains a list of profiles that have been created for the policy. Profiles are displayed in the list in accordance with their priorities.

  5. Select a policy profile and click the Properties button.
  6. Configure the profile in the properties window:
    • If necessary, in the General section, change the profile name and enable or disable the profile using the Enable profile check box.
    • In the Activation rules section, edit the profile activation rules.
    • Edit the policy settings in the corresponding sections.
  7. Click OK.

The modified settings will take effect either after the device is synchronized with the Administration Server (if the policy profile is active), or after an activation rule is triggered (if the policy profile is inactive).

Changing the priority of a policy profile

The priorities of policy profiles define the activation order of profiles on a client device. Priorities are used if identical activation rules are set for different policy profiles.

For example, two policy profiles have been created: Profile 1 and Profile 2 that differ by the respective values of a single setting (Value 1 and Value 2). The priority of Profile 1 is higher than that of Profile 2. Moreover, there are also profiles with priorities that are lower than that of Profile 2. The activation rules for those profiles are identical.

When an activation rule is triggered, Profile 1 will be activated. The setting on the device will take Value 1. If you remove Profile 1, then Profile 2 will have the highest priority, so the setting will take Value 2.

On the list of policy profiles, profiles are displayed in accordance with their respective priorities. The profile with the highest priority is ranked first. You can change the priority of a profile by using the up arrow and the down arrow buttons.

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