Kaspersky Security Center

Managing user accounts

July 15, 2024

ID 89264

This section provides information about user accounts and roles supported by the application. This section contains instructions on how to create accounts and roles for users of Kaspersky Security Center.

Kaspersky Security Center allows you to manage user accounts and groups of accounts. The application supports two types of accounts:

  • Accounts of organization employees. Administration Server retrieves data of the accounts of those users when polling the organization's network.
  • Accounts of internal users. These accounts are applied when virtual Administration Servers are used. Accounts of internal users are created and used only within Kaspersky Security Center.

In this section

Working with user accounts

Adding an account of an internal user

Editing an account of an internal user

Changing the number of allowed password entry attempts

Configuring the check of the name of an internal user for uniqueness

Adding a security group

Adding a user to a group

Configuring access rights to application features. Role-based access control

Assigning the user as a device owner

Delivering messages to users

Viewing the list of user mobile devices

Installing a certificate for a user

Viewing the list of certificates issued to a user

About the administrator of a virtual Administration Server

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