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Backup and restoration of Administration Server settings

July 8, 2024

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Backup of the settings of Administration Server and its database is performed through the backup task and klbackup utility. A backup copy includes all the main settings and objects pertaining to the Administration Server, such as certificates, primary keys for encryption of drives on managed devices, keys for various licenses, structure of administration groups with all of its contents, tasks, policies, etc. With a backup copy you can recover the operation of an Administration Server as soon as possible, spending from a dozen minutes to a couple of hours on this.

If no backup copy is available, a failure may lead to an irrevocable loss of certificates and all Administration Server settings. This will necessitate reconfiguring Kaspersky Security Center from scratch, and performing initial deployment of Network Agent on the organization's network again. All primary keys for encryption of drives on managed devices will also be lost, risking irrevocable loss of encrypted data on devices with Kaspersky Endpoint Security. Therefore, do not neglect regular backups of Administration Server using the standard backup task.

The quick start wizard creates the backup task for Administration Server settings and sets it to run daily, at 4:00 AM. Backup copies are saved by default in the folder %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\KasperskySC.

If an instance of Microsoft SQL Server installed on another device is used as the DBMS, you must modify the backup task by specifying a UNC path, which is available for write by both the Administration Server service and the SQL Server service, as the folder to store backup copies. This requirement derives from a special feature of backup in the Microsoft SQL Server DBMS.

If a local instance of Microsoft SQL Server is used as the DBMS, we also recommend to save backup copies on a dedicated medium in order to secure them against damage together with Administration Server.

Because a backup copy contains important data, the backup task and klbackup utility provide for password protection of backup copies. By default, the backup task is created with a blank password. You must set a password in the properties of the backup task. Neglecting this requirement causes a situation where all keys of Administration Server certificates, keys for licenses, and primary keys for encryption of drives on managed devices remain unencrypted.

In addition to the regular backup, you must also create a backup copy prior to every significant change, including installation of Administration Server upgrades and patches.

If you use Microsoft SQL Server as the DBMS, you can minimize the size of backup copies. To do this, enable the Compress backup option in the SQL Server settings.

Restoration from a backup copy is performed with the utility klbackup on an operable instance of Administration Server that has just been installed and has the same version (or later) for which the backup copy was created.

The instance of Administration Server on which the restoration is to be performed, must use a DBMS of the same type (for example, the same SQL Server or MariaDB) and the same or later version. The version of Administration Server can be the same (with an identical or later patch), or later.

This section describes standard scenarios for restoring settings and objects of Administration Server.

In this section

A device with Administration Server is inoperable

The settings of Administration Server or the database are corrupted

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