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Managing device restarts in the remote installation task

July 15, 2024

ID 92466_1

Devices often need a restart to complete the remote installation of applications (particularly on Windows).

If you use the remote installation task of Kaspersky Security Center, in the New task wizard or in the properties window of the task that has been created (Operating system restart section), you can select the action to perform when the Windows device requires a restart:

  • Do not restart the device. In this case, no automatic restart will be performed. To complete the installation, you must restart the device (for example, manually or through the device management task). Information about the required restart will be saved in the task results and in the device status. This option is suitable for installation tasks on servers and other devices where continuous operation is critical.
  • Restart the device. In this case, the device is always restarted automatically if a restart is required for completion of the installation. This option is useful for installation tasks on devices that provide for regular pauses in their operation (shutdown or restart).
  • Prompt user for action. In this case, the restart reminder is displayed on the screen of the client device, prompting the user to restart it manually. Some advanced settings can be defined for this option: text of the message for the user, the message display frequency, and the time interval after which a restart will be forced (without the user's confirmation). The Prompt user for action is the most suitable for workstations where users need a possibility of selecting the most convenient time for a restart.

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