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Adding a security group

July 8, 2024

ID 98408

You can add security groups (groups of users), perform flexible configuration of groups and security group access to various application features. Security groups can be assigned names that correspond to their respective purposes. For example, the name can correspond to where users are located in the office or to the name of the company's organizational unit to which the users belong.

One user can belong to several security groups. A user account managed by a virtual Administration Server can belong only to security groups of this virtual Server and have access rights only within this virtual Server.

To add a security group:

  1. In the console tree select the User accounts folder.

    The User accounts folder is a subfolder of the Advanced folder by default.

  2. Click the Add security group button.

    The Add security group window opens.

  3. In the Add security group window, in the General section specify the name of the group.

    A group name cannot be more than 255 characters long and contain special symbols such as *, <, >, ?, \, :, |. The group name must be unique.

    You can enter the group description in the Description entry field. Filling in the Description field is optional.

  4. Click OK.

The security group that you have added appears in the User accounts folder in the console tree. You can add users to the newly created group.

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