Installation of Kaspersky Security Center

April 17, 2023

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This section describes installation of Kaspersky Security Center components. If you want to install the application locally on only one device, two installation options are available:

  • Standard. This option is recommended if you want to try out Kaspersky Security Center by, for example, testing its operation on a small area within your network. During standard installation, you only configure the database. You can also install only the default set of management plug-ins for Kaspersky applications. You can also use standard installation if you already have some experience working with Kaspersky Security Center and are able to specify all relevant settings after standard installation.
  • Custom. This option is recommended if you plan to modify the Kaspersky Security Center settings, such as a path to the shared folder, accounts and ports for connection to the Administration Server, and database settings. Custom installation enables you to specify which Kaspersky management plug-ins to install. If necessary, you can start custom installation in non-interactive mode.

If at least one Administration Server is installed on the network, Servers can be installed on other devices remotely through the remote installation task using forced installation. When creating the remote installation task, you should use the Administration Server installation package: ksc_<version_number>.<build number>_full_<localization language>.exe.

Use this package if you want to install all the components required for full functionality of Kaspersky Security Center, or to upgrade the current versions of these components.

If you want to deploy the Kaspersky failover cluster, you need to install Kaspersky Security Center on all nodes of the cluster.

In this section

Preparing for installation

Accounts for work with the DBMS

Scenario: Authenticating Microsoft SQL Server

Recommendations on Administration Server installation

Standard installation

Custom installation

Deployment of the Kaspersky failover cluster

Installing Administration Server on a Microsoft failover cluster

Installing Administration Server in non-interactive mode

Installing Administration Console on the administrator's workstation

Changes in the system after Kaspersky Security Center installation

Removing the application

See also:

Main installation scenario

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