Removing the application

April 17, 2023

ID 6372

You can remove Kaspersky Security Center with standard Microsoft Windows add/remove tools. Removing the application requires starting a wizard that removes all application components from the device (including plug-ins). The wizard makes your default browser open a web page with a poll where you can tell us why you chose to stop using Kaspersky Security Center. If you have not selected removal of the shared folder (Share) during the wizard operation, you can delete it manually after completion of all related tasks.

After the application is removed, some of its files may remain in the system's temporary folder.

The Application Removal Wizard will suggest that you store a backup copy of Administration Server.

When the application is removed from Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows 2008, premature termination of the Removal Wizard might occur. This can be avoided by disabling the User Account Control (UAC) in the operating system and restarting application removal.

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