About the subscription

April 17, 2023

ID 91039

Subscription to Kaspersky Security Center is an order for use of the application under the selected settings (subscription expiration date, number of protected devices). You can register your subscription to Kaspersky Security Center with your service provider (for example, your internet provider). A subscription can be renewed manually or in automatic mode; also, you can cancel it.

A subscription can be limited (for example, one-year) or unlimited (with no expiration date). To continue using Kaspersky Security Center after a limited subscription expires, you must renew it. An unlimited subscription is renewed automatically if it has been prepaid to the service provider in due dates.

When a limited subscription expires, you may be provided a grace period for renewal during which the application continues to function. The availability and duration of the grace period is defined by the service provider.

To use Kaspersky Security Center under subscription, you must apply the activation code received from the service provider.

You can apply a different activation code for Kaspersky Security Center only after your subscription expires or when you cancel it.

Depending on the service provider, the set of possible actions for subscription management may vary. The service provider might not provide a grace period for subscription renewal and so the application loses its functionality.

Activation codes purchased under subscription cannot be used for activating earlier versions of Kaspersky Security Center.

When the application is used under subscription, Kaspersky Security Center automatically attempts to access the activation server at specified time intervals until the subscription expires. You can renew your subscription on the service provider's website.

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