Kaspersky Security Center

Working with installation packages

July 22, 2024

ID 13068

When creating remote installation tasks, the system uses installation packages containing sets of parameters necessary for software installation.

Installation packages can contain a key file. It is recommended that you avoid sharing access to installation packages that contain a key file.

You can use a single installation package several times.

Installation packages created for Administration Server are moved to the console tree and located in the Remote installation folder, in the Installation packages subfolder. Installation packages are stored on the Administration Server, in a service subfolder named Packages, within the specified shared folder.

In this section

Creating an installation package

Creating stand-alone installation packages

Creating custom installation packages

Viewing and editing properties of custom installation packages

Obtaining the Network Agent installation package from the Kaspersky Security Center distribution kit

Distributing installation packages to secondary Administration Servers

Distributing installation packages through distribution points

Transferring application installation results to Kaspersky Security Center

Defining the KSN proxy server address for installation packages

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