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Step 1. Selecting the application activation method

July 15, 2024

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This step is not displayed if you signed up for one of the ready-to-use AMIs (at the AWS Marketplace), or for a Usage-based monthly billed SKU (at the Azure Marketplace). In this case, the wizard immediately proceeds to the next step. However, you cannot purchase a ready-to-use AMI for Google Cloud.

If you selected BYOL licensing option for Kaspersky Security Center, the wizard prompts you to select the application activation method.

Activate the application with an activation code (or a key file) for Kaspersky Security for Virtualization or for Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security.

You can activate the application in one of the following ways:

  • By entering an activation code.

    Online activation will start. This process involves verification of the specified activation code, as well as issuance and activation of a key file.

  • By specifying a key file.

    The application will check the key file and either activate it if it contains the correct information, or prompt you to specify another key file.

Kaspersky Security Center places the license key in the license storage and marks it as automatically distributed on managed devices.

If you connect to an instance using standard Remote Desktop Connection in Microsoft Windows or a similar application, in the remote connection properties you must specify the drive of the physical device that you are using to connect. This ensures access from the instance to the files on your physical device, and lets you select and specify the key file.

When working with Kaspersky Security Center deployed from a paid AMI or for a Usage-based monthly billed SKU, you cannot add key files or activation codes to the license storage.

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