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Exporting events directly from the database

July 15, 2024

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You can retrieve events directly from the Kaspersky Security Center database without having to use the Kaspersky Security Center interface. You can either query the public views directly and retrieve the event data, or create your own views on the basis of existing public views and address them to get the data you need.

Public views

For your convenience, a set of public views is provided in the Kaspersky Security Center database. You can find the description of these public views in the klakdb.chm document.

The v_akpub_ev_event public view contains a set of fields that represent the event parameters in the database. In the klakdb.chm document you can also find information on public views corresponding to other Kaspersky Security Center entities, for example, devices, applications, or users. You can use this information in your queries.

This section contains instructions for creating an SQL query by means of the klsql2 utility and a query example.

To create SQL queries or database views, you can also use any other program for working with databases. Information on how to view the parameters for connecting to the Kaspersky Security Center database, such as instance name and database name, is given in the corresponding section.

In this section

Creating an SQL query using the klsql2 utility

Example of an SQL query in the klsql2 utility

Viewing the Kaspersky Security Center database name

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