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Creating an IAM role for installation of applications on Amazon EC2 instances

July 22, 2024

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Before you start protection deployment on EC2 instances by using Kaspersky Security Center, create in the AWS Management Console an IAM role with permissions required for installation of applications on instances. For more details, see AWS Help sections AWS Help about IAM roles.

The IAM role is required so that you can assign it to all EC2 instances on which you plan to install security applications by using Kaspersky Security Center. If you do not assign an instance the IAM role with the necessary permissions, installation of applications on this instance using AWS API tools will result in an error.

To work with the AWS Management Console, you will need a user name and password from an account in AWS.

To create an IAM role for installing applications on instances:

  1. Open the AWS Management Console and log in under your AWS account.
  2. In the menu on the left, select Roles.
  3. Click the Create Role button.
  4. In the list of services that appears, select EC2 and then in the Select Your Use Case list select EC2 again.
  5. Click the Next: Permissions button.
  6. In the list that opens, select the check box next to AmazonEC2RoleforSSM.
  7. Click the Next: Review button.
  8. Enter a name and a description for the IAM role and click the Create role button.

    The role that you created appears in the list of roles with the name and description that you entered.

Hereinafter, you can use the newly created IAM role to create new EC2 instances that you intend to protect through Kaspersky Security Center, as well as associate it with existing instances.

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