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Main statuses of files in the repository

July 8, 2024

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Security applications scan files on devices for known viruses and other programs that may pose a threat, assign statuses to files, and place some of them in the repository.

For example, security applications can do the following:

  • Save a copy of a file to the repository before deletion
  • Isolate probably infected files in the repository

The main statuses of files are presented in the table below. You can obtain more detailed information about actions to take on files in respective Help systems of security applications.

Statuses of files in the repository

Status name

Status description


The file has a section of code of a known virus or other malware whose information is found in Kaspersky anti-virus databases.

Not infected

No known viruses or other malware were detected in the file.


The file contains a fragment of code that partially matches a snippet of code of a known threat.

Probably infected

The file contains either modified code of a known virus or code resembling a virus that is not yet known to Kaspersky.

Placed to folder by user

The user manually placed the file in the repository because the file's behavior gave rise to suspicion that it contains some threats. The user can scan the file for threats by using up-to-date databases.

False positive

A Kaspersky application assigned Infected status to a non-infected file because its code is similar to that of a virus. After a scan with up-to-date databases, the file is identified as non-infected.


The file was successfully disinfected.


The file was deleted during processing.


The file cannot be processed because it is protected with a password.

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