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Preparing Amazon S3 bucket for database

July 15, 2024

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If you plan to use Amazon Relational Database System (Amazon RDS) database, you have to create an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket instance where the regular Backup of the database will be stored. For information about Amazon S3 and about S3 buckets, refer to the Amazon help pages. For more information about creating an Amazon S3 instance, refer to Amazon S3 help page.

To create an Amazon S3 bucket:

  1. Make sure that the AWS Management Console is open and you are signed in under your account.
  2. In the list of AWS services, select S3.
  3. Navigate the console to create a bucket, following the instructions of the wizard.
  4. Select the same region where your Administration Server is located (or will be located).
  5. When the wizard finishes, make sure that the new bucket appears in the list of buckets.

A new S3 bucket is created and appears in your list of buckets. You have to specify this bucket when adding options to the option group. You will also have to specify the address of your S3 bucket to Kaspersky Security Center when the Kaspersky Security Center creates the Backup of Administration Server data task.

The addresses of web pages cited in this document are correct as of the Kaspersky Security Center release date.

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