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About work in Microsoft Azure

July 22, 2024

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To work with the Microsoft Azure platform and, in particular, to purchase apps at the Azure Marketplace and create virtual machines, you will need an Azure subscription. Before you deploy Administration Server, create an Azure Application ID with permissions required for installation of applications on virtual machines.

If you purchase a Kaspersky Security Center image at the Azure Marketplace, you can deploy a virtual machine with your ready-to-use Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server. You must select settings of the virtual machine, but you do not have to install the application yourself. After installation, you can start Administration Console and connect to Administration Server to begin working with Kaspersky Security Center.

You can also use an Azure virtual machine with Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server deployed on it to protect on-premises devices (for example, if a cloud server turns out to be easier to service and maintain than a physical one). If this is the case, you work with the Administration Server in the same way that you would if the Administration Server were installed on an on-premises device. If you do not plan to use Azure API tools, you do not need an Azure Application ID. In this case, an Azure subscription is enough.

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