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Step 2. Selecting an action to take

July 22, 2024

ID 194959

If you did not specify the previous password in the first step of the wizard or if the specified old password has not matched the passwords in the task properties, you must choose an action to take for the tasks found.

To choose an action for a task:

  1. Select the check box next to the task for which you want to choose an action.
  2. Perform one of the following:
    • To remove the password in the task properties, click Delete credentials.

      The task is switched to run under the default account.

    • To replace the password with a new one, click Enforce the password change even if the old password is wrong or not provided.
    • To cancel the password change, click No action is selected.

The chosen actions are applied after you move to the next step of the wizard.

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