Kaspersky Security Center

Cloud environment configuration in Kaspersky Security Center Web Console

July 22, 2024

ID 198709

To configure Kaspersky Security Center by using the Configure cloud environment wizard, you must have the following:

The Configure cloud environment wizard starts automatically at the first connection to Administration Server through Administration Console if you deploy Kaspersky Security Center from a ready-to-use image. You can also start the wizard manually at any time.

To start the Configure cloud environment wizard manually,

In the main menu, go to Discovery & deployment → Deployment & assignmentConfigure cloud environment.

The wizard starts.

An average work session for cloud environment configuration lasts about 15 minutes.

In this section

Step 1. Checking the required plug-ins and installation packages

Step 2. Licensing the application

Step 3. Selecting the cloud environment and authorization

Step 4. Segment polling, configuring synchronization with Cloud and choosing further actions

Step 5. Selecting an application to create a policy and tasks for

Step 6. Configuring Kaspersky Security Network for Kaspersky Security Center

Step 7. Creating an initial configuration of protection

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