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Configuring access rights to application features. Role-based access control

July 15, 2024

ID 203717

Kaspersky Security Center provides facilities for role-based access to the features of Kaspersky Security Center and managed Kaspersky applications.

You can configure access rights to application features for Kaspersky Security Center users in one of the following ways:

  • By configuring the rights for each user or group of users individually.
  • By creating standard user roles with a predefined set of rights and assigning those roles to users depending on their scope of duties.

Application of user roles is intended to simplify and shorten routine procedures of configuring users' access rights to application features. Access rights within a role are configured in accordance with the standard tasks and the users' scope of duties.

User roles can be assigned names that correspond to their respective purposes. You can create an unlimited number of roles in the application.

You can use the predefined user roles with already configured set of rights, or create new roles and configure the required rights yourself.

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Access rights to application features

Predefined user roles

Assigning access rights to specific objects

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