Kaspersky Security Center

Step 8. Selecting the components to be installed

July 15, 2024

ID 205067

Select the components of Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server that you want to install:

  • Mobile Device Management. Select this check box if you must create installation packages for mobile devices when the Kaspersky Security Center setup wizard is running. You can also create installation packages for mobile devices manually, after Administration Server installation, by using Administration Console tools.
  • SNMP agent. This component receives statistical information for the Administration Server over the SNMP protocol. The component is available if the application is installed on a device with SNMP installed.

    After Kaspersky Security Center is installed, the .mib files required for receiving statistics are located in the SNMP subfolder of the application installation folder.

Network Agent and Administration Console are not displayed in the component list. These components are installed automatically and you cannot cancel their installation.

At this step you must specify a folder for installation of Administration Server components. By default, the components are installed to <Disk>:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Security Center. If no such folder exists, this folder is created automatically during installation. You can change the destination folder by using the Browse button.

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