Kaspersky Security Center

SNMP agent and object identifiers

July 15, 2024

ID 207517

For Kaspersky Security Center, SNMP agent is implemented as a dynamic library klsnmpag.dll, which is registered by the installer during Administration Server installation. SNMP agent works inside the snmp.exe process (that is a Windows service). Third-party applications use SNMP to receive statistics, which comes in the form of counters, on Administration Server performance.

Each counter has a unique object identifier (also referred to as OID). An object identifier is a sequence of numbers divided by dots. The object identifiers of Administration Server start with the prefix. The OID of the counter is a concatenation of that prefix with a suffix describing the counter. For example, the counter with the OID value of has the suffix with value of 1.1.4.

You can use an SNMP client (such as Zabbix) to monitor the state of your system. In order to get the information, you can search for a value of OID that corresponds to the information and enter that value into your SNMP client. Then your SNMP client will return you another value that characterizes the status of your system.

The list of counters and counter types is in the adminkit.mib file on the Administration Server. MIB stands for Management Information Base. You can import and parse .mib files via the MIB Viewer application that is designed for requesting and displaying the counter values.

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