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Using Kaspersky Marketplace to choose Kaspersky business solutions

July 15, 2024

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Marketplace is a section in the main menu that enables you to view the entire range of Kaspersky business solutions, select the ones you need, and proceed to the purchase at the Kaspersky website. You can use filters to view only those solutions that fit your organization and the requirements for your information security system. When you select a solution, Kaspersky Security Center redirects you to the related webpage at the Kaspersky website to learn more about that solution. Each webpage enables you to proceed to the purchase or contains instructions on the purchase process.

In the Marketplace section, you can filter Kaspersky solutions by using the following criteria:

  • Number of devices (endpoints, servers, and other types of assets) that you want to protect:
    • 50–250
    • 250–1000
    • More than 1000
  • Maturity level of your organization's information security team:
    • Foundations

      This level is typical for enterprises that only have an IT team. The maximum possible number of threats is blocked automatically.

    • Optimum

      This level is typical for enterprises that have a specific IT security function within the IT team. At this level, companies require solutions that enable them to counter commodity threats and threats that circumvent existing preventive mechanisms.

    • Expert

      This level is typical for enterprises with complex and distributed IT environments. The IT security team is mature or the company has an SOC (Security Operations Center) team. The required solutions enable the companies to counter complex threats and targeted attacks.

  • Types of assets that you want to protect:
    • Endpoints: workstations of employees, physical and virtual machines, embedded systems
    • Servers: physical and virtual servers
    • Cloud: public, private, or hybrid cloud environments; cloud services
    • Network: local area network, IT infrastructure
    • Service: security-related services provided by Kaspersky

To find and purchase a Kaspersky business solution:

  1. In the main menu, go to Marketplace.

    By default, the section displays all available Kaspersky business solutions.

  2. To view only those solutions that suit your organization, select the required values in the filters.
  3. Click the solution that you want to purchase or you want to learn more about.

You will be redirected to the solution webpage. You can follow the on-screen instructions to proceed to the purchase.

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