Kaspersky Security Center

Virtual Administration Server

July 8, 2024

ID 30636

Virtual Administration Server (also referred to as virtual Server) is a component of Kaspersky Security Center intended for managing anti-virus protection of the network of a client organization.

Virtual Administration Server is a particular case of a secondary Administration Server and has the following restrictions as compared with a physical Administration Server:

  • Virtual Administration Server can be created only on a primary Administration Server.
  • Virtual Administration Server uses the primary Administration Server database in its operation. Data backup and restoration tasks, as well as update scan and download tasks, are not supported on a virtual Administration Server.
  • Virtual Server does not support creation of secondary Administration Servers (including virtual Servers).

In addition, virtual Administration Server has the following restrictions:

  • In the virtual Administration Server properties window, the number of sections is limited.
  • To install Kaspersky applications remotely on client devices managed by the virtual Administration Server, you must make sure that Network Agent is installed on one of the client devices, in order to ensure communication with the virtual Administration Server. Upon first connection to the virtual Administration Server, the device is automatically assigned as a distribution point, thus functioning as a connection gateway between the client devices and the virtual Administration Server.
  • A virtual Server can poll the network only through distribution points.
  • To restart a malfunctioning virtual Server, Kaspersky Security Center restarts the primary Administration Server and all virtual Administration Servers.
  • Users created on a virtual Server cannot be assigned a role on the Administration Server.

The administrator of a virtual Administration Server has all privileges on this particular virtual Server.

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