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Hierarchy of Administration Servers

July 8, 2024

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Administration Servers can be arranged in a hierarchy. Each Administration Server can have several secondary Administration Servers (referred to as secondary Servers) on different nesting levels of the hierarchy. The nesting level for secondary Servers is unrestricted. The administration groups of the primary Administration Server will then include the client devices of all secondary Administration Servers. Thus, isolated and independent sections of networks can be managed by different Administration Servers which are in turn managed by the primary Server.

Virtual Administration Servers are a particular case of secondary Administration Servers.

The hierarchy of Administration Servers can be used to do the following:

  • Decrease the load on Administration Server (compared to a single installed Administration Server for an entire network).
  • Decrease intranet traffic and simplify work with remote offices. You do not have to establish connections between the primary Administration Server and all networked devices, which may be located, for example, in different regions. It is sufficient to install a secondary Administration Server in each network segment, distribute devices among administration groups of secondary Servers, and establish connections between the secondary Servers and the primary Server over fast communication channels.
  • Distribute responsibilities among the anti-virus security administrators. All capabilities for centralized management and monitoring of the anti-virus security status in corporate networks remain available.
  • How service providers use Kaspersky Security Center. The service provider only needs to install Kaspersky Security Center and Kaspersky Security Center Web Console. To manage a large number of client devices of various organizations, a service provider can add virtual Administration Servers to the hierarchy of Administration Servers.

Each device included in the hierarchy of administration groups can be connected to one Administration Server only. You must independently monitor the connection of devices to Administration Servers. Use the feature for device search in administration groups of different Servers based on network attributes.

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