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Automatically turning on devices before starting a task

July 8, 2024

ID 3784

Kaspersky Security Center doesn't run tasks on devices that are turned off. You can configure Kaspersky Security Center to turn on these devices automatically before starting a task, by using the Wake-on-LAN function.

To configure the automatic turning on of devices before starting a task:

  1. In the task properties window, select the Schedule section.
  2. To configure actions on devices, click the Advanced link.
  3. In the Advanced window that opens, select the Turn on devices by using the Wake-on-LAN function before starting the task (min) check box, and then specify the time interval in minutes.

As a result, for the specified number of minutes before starting the task, Kaspersky Security Center turns on the devices and loads the operating system on them by using the Wake-on-LAN function. After the task is completed, the devices are automatically shut down if device users don't log in to the system. Note that Kaspersky Security Center automatically shuts down only the devices that are turned on by using the Wake-on-LAN function.

Kaspersky Security Center can start operating systems automatically only on the devices that support the Wake-on-LAN (WoL) standard.

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