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Managing administration groups

July 22, 2024

ID 46974

This section provides information about how to manage administration groups.

You can perform the following actions on administration groups:

  • Add any number of nested groups at any level of hierarchy to administration groups.
  • Add devices to administration groups.
  • Change the hierarchy of administration groups by moving individual devices and entire groups to other groups.
  • Remove nested groups and devices from administration groups.
  • Add secondary and virtual Administration Servers to administration groups.
  • Move devices from the administration groups of an Administration Server to those of another Server.
  • Define which Kaspersky applications will be automatically installed on devices included in a group.

You can perform these actions only if you have the Modify permission in the Management of administration groups area for the administration groups you want to manage (or for the Administration Server to which these groups belong).

In this section

Creating administration groups

Moving administration groups

Deleting administration groups

Automatic creation of a structure of administration groups

Automatic installation of applications on devices in an administration group

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