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Testing notifications

July 15, 2024

ID 4834

To check whether event notifications are sent, the application uses the notification of the EICAR test "virus" detection on client devices.

To verify sending of event notifications:

  1. Stop the real-time file system protection task on a client device and copy the EICAR test "virus" to that client device. Now re-enable real-time protection of the file system.
  2. Run a scan task for client devices in an administration group or for specific devices, including one with the EICAR "virus".

    If the scan task is configured correctly, the test "virus" will be detected. If notifications are configured correctly, you are notified that a virus has been detected.

    In the workspace of the Administration Server node, on the Events tab, the Recent events selection displays a record of detection of a "virus".

The EICAR test "virus" contains no code that can do harm to your device. However, most manufacturers' security applications identify this file as virus. You can download the test "virus" from the official EICAR website.

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