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Equipment inventory

July 15, 2024

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The hardware list (RepositoriesHardware) that you use to inventory equipment is populated in two ways: automatically and manually. After each network polling, all detected computers are added to the list automatically; however, you can also add computers manually if you do not want to poll the network. You can add other devices to the list manually, for example, routers, printers, or computer hardware.

In the properties of a device, you can view and edit detailed information about that device.

The hardware list may contain the following types of devices:

  • Computers
  • Mobile devices
  • Network devices
  • Virtual devices
  • OEM components
  • Computer peripherals
  • Connected devices
  • VoIP phones
  • Network repositories

The administrator can assign the Enterprise equipment attribute to detected devices. This attribute can be assigned manually in the properties of a device, or the administrator can specify criteria for the attribute to be assigned automatically. In this case, the Enterprise equipment attribute is assigned by device type.

Kaspersky Security Center allows writing off equipment. To do this, select the Device is written off option in the properties of a device. The device is not displayed on the equipment list.

An administrator can manage the list of programmable logic controllers (PLC) in the Hardware folder. Detailed information on managing the PLC list is provided in the Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity for Nodes User Guide.

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Adding information about new devices

Configuring criteria used to define enterprise devices

Configuring custom fields

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