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Local installation of Network Agent

July 8, 2024

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To install Network Agent on a device locally:

  1. On the device, run the setup.exe file from the distribution package downloaded from the internet. Refer to the following topic for details: Obtaining the Network Agent installation package from the Kaspersky Security Center distribution kit.

    A window opens prompting you to select Kaspersky applications to install.

  2. In the application selection window, click the Install only Kaspersky Security Center 14.2 Network Agent link to start the Network Agent setup wizard. Follow the instructions of the wizard.
    1. Administration Server
    2. Proxy server configuration
    3. Connection gateway
    4. Administration Server certificate
    5. Agent tags
    6. Advanced settings
    7. Start application

When the setup wizard finishes, Network Agent will be installed on the device.

You can view the properties of the Kaspersky Security Center Network Agent service; you can also start, stop, and monitor Network Agent activity by means of standard Microsoft Windows tools: Computer Management\Services.

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