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Internet access: Administration Server in DMZ

July 15, 2024

ID 92238

If the Administration Server is located in the DMZ of the organization's network, it has no access to the organization's internal network. Therefore, the following limitations apply:

  • The Administration Server cannot detect new devices.
  • The Administration Server cannot perform initial deployment of Network Agent through forced installation on devices on the internal network of the organization.

This only applies to the initial installation of Network Agent. Any further upgrades of Network Agent or the security application installation can, however, be performed by the Administration Server. At the same time, the initial deployment of Network Agents can be performed by other means, for example, through group policies of Microsoft® Active Directory®.

  • The Administration Server cannot send notifications to managed devices through port 15000 UDP, which is not critical for the Kaspersky Security Center functioning.
  • The Administration Server cannot poll Active Directory. However, results of Active Directory polling are not required in most scenarios.

If the above limitations are viewed as critical, they can be removed by using distribution points located on the organization's network:

  • To perform initial deployment on devices without Network Agent, you first install Network Agent on one of the devices and then assign it the distribution point status. As a result, initial installation of Network Agent on other devices will be performed by the Administration Server through this distribution point.
  • To detect new devices on the internal network of the organization and poll Active Directory, you must enable the relevant device discovery methods on one of the distribution points.

To ensure a successful sending of notifications to port 15000 UDP on managed devices located on the internal network of the organization, you must cover the entire network with distribution points. In the properties of the distribution points that were assigned, select the Do not disconnect from the Administration Server check box. As a result, the Administration Server will establish a continuous connection to the distribution points while they will be able to send notifications to port 15000 UDP on devices that are on the organization's internal network (it can be an IPv4 or IPv6 network).

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