Kaspersky Security Center

Standard configuration: Single office

July 22, 2024

ID 92241

One or several Administration Servers can be deployed on the organization's network. The number of Administration Servers can be selected either based on available hardware, or on the total number of managed devices.

One Administration Server can support up to 100,000 devices. You must consider the possibility of increasing the number of managed devices in the near future: it may be useful to connect a slightly smaller number of devices to a single Administration Server.

Administration Servers can be deployed either on the internal network, or in the DMZ, depending on whether internet access to the Administration Servers is required.

If multiple Servers are used, it is recommended that you combine them into a hierarchy. Using an Administration Server hierarchy allows you to avoid dubbed policies and tasks, and handle the whole set of managed devices as if they are managed by a single Administration Server (that is, search for devices, build selections of devices, and create reports).

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