Kaspersky Security Center

Configuring the policy in the Event configuration section

July 22, 2024

ID 92424

In the Event configuration section, you should disable the saving of any events on Administration Server, except for the following ones:

  • On the Critical event tab:
    • Application autorun is disabled
    • Access denied
    • Application startup prohibited
    • Disinfection not possible
    • License Agreement violated
    • Could not load encryption module
    • Cannot start two tasks at the same time
    • Active threat detected. Start Advanced Disinfection
    • Network attack detected
    • Not all components were updated
    • Activation error
    • Error enabling portable mode
    • Error in interaction with Kaspersky Security Center
    • Error disabling portable mode
    • Error changing application components
    • Error applying file encryption / decryption rules
    • Policy cannot be applied
    • Process terminated
    • Network activity blocked
  • On the Functional failure tab: Invalid task settings. Settings not applied
  • On the Warning tab:
    • Self-Defense is disabled
    • Incorrect reserve key
    • User has opted out of the encryption policy
  • On the Info tab: Application startup prohibited in test mode

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