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Installation in silent mode (with a response file)

July 15, 2024

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The installers of Administration Server and Network Agent have the feature of working with the response file (ss_install.xml), where the parameters for installation in silent mode without user participation are integrated. The ss_install.xml file is located in the same folder as the MSI package; it is used automatically during installation in silent mode. You can enable the silent installation mode with the command line key "/s".

An overview of an example run follows:

setup.exe /s

Before you start the installer in silent mode, read the End User License Agreement (EULA). If the Kaspersky Security Center distribution kit does not include a TXT file with the text of the EULA, you can download the file from the Kaspersky website.

The ss_install.xml file is an instance of the internal format of parameters of the Kaspersky Security Center installer. Distribution packages contain the ss_install.xml file with the default parameters.

Please do not modify the ss_install.xml file manually. This file can be modified through the tools of Kaspersky Security Center, when editing the parameters of the installation packages in Administration Console.

To modify the response file for Administration Server installation:

  1. Open the Kaspersky Security Center distribution package. If you use a full package EXE file, unpack it.
  2. From the Server folder, open the command line, and then run the following command:

    setup.exe /r ss_install.xml

    The Kaspersky Security Center installer starts.

  3. Follow the wizard's steps to configure the Kaspersky Security Center installation.

When you complete the wizard, the response file is automatically modified according to the new settings that you specified.

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